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Friday, July 04, 2008


I'm annoyed, no not the Domino's Pizza guy from the commercials you sillys, but annoyed at Blogger.

I realize that I don't blog as much as most people, but you would think that Blogger would remember my password. Every time I have went to blog I have had to reset my password. I know some of you probably think that if I blogged more I'd remember my password, but I do remember my password each time... blogger just doesn't like it. So each time I go to blog, even though I tell it to remember me, I have to type in my password that it doesn't recognize. Well it best recognize that I type it in correctly each time and start remembering me.

Anyway on to women's fitting rooms and surveys. Just kidding... work has been kind of slow, and as a result I've started doing some drawings for our electrical division. Well I'm off to watch some of the Twilight Zone Marathon on SciFi, and get ready for yummy food later.

Type at you all later.


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