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Saturday, April 21, 2007


A fire grows at the rate of time squared. An example of this would be something like the following.

A guy decides to mow his lawn for the first time this year. He starts out in the front and moves his way towards the back. There are some leaves left over from the fall, not too many, but a small patch none the less. As the act of mowing continues the guy decides he shall run over these leaves to get them out of the way.

He plows right through them not giving it a second thought. By the time he reaches the street at the end of his yard there is smoke. The guy stops the mower and grabs his water bottle to put out the smoldering leaves. The water bottle wasn't enough so he runs into the house and grabs the water pitcher from the fridge. By the time he reaches the mower again there are full flames rising up the sides of the mower.

He dowsed the fire with the pitcher's water and pushed the mower out of the way to see if all the leaves were put out. Once he realized the fire was completely out he got on the mower to start the mowing process all over again. The mower didn't start, "Oh come on!" The guy said to himself. He pulled open the hood of the mower and saw that there was water, and so he went into the house to sit and wait.

The water dried up and the guy got to complete his mowing endeavor. The moral of the story is clean up the leaves in the fall, and fires grow rapidly.

"I can't see him!" - Red Squadron pilot


At 9:55 AM EDT, Blogger kimw said...

I never would have thought that running over leaves with a mower would start a fire. Hmmmm... I wonder if running over crabapples would do the same thing?

At 5:25 PM EDT, Blogger Kevin said...

Probably not....Unless they get really really dry like leaves


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