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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Replacement

My dad, brother and nephew Derek are in a bowling league at Arrow Head Lanes on Monday nights. Tonight I was a relief bowler for my dad who is feeling under the weather with the flu. I was happy to ablige my dad, and fill in for him. It has been about two years at least since I last bowled, and I figured I would drag down the teams score. Well, let's just put my scores out there for all of you to see:

Game one: 104
Game two: 117
Game three: 126

Today also brought a fun filled afternoon of calling the bank about a $105.44 flower purchase and a Euro exchange of $13.52. Neither of which were made by me or Kimmy. Who knows what happened, but long story short I'm getting a new debit card, and credited for the charges that were not made by us.

That's the nut shell version of my day. Oh, and Sam I was not ignoring you, but I ended up not having to go to Stratton. Thanks for the offer of lunch though, maybe the next time I have a job in that area we will get to do lunch.

"Flying through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops." - Han Solo


At 9:57 AM EDT, Blogger Sam said...

Sounds like a plan.

You know, if you switched to my bank I could take care of you with a personal touch. And when i say touch, I do mean there'll be touching!!! :-)

At 9:49 PM EDT, Blogger Kevin said...

A real touch wow! That intrigues me.


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