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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Three Things

Three things that scare me: Scary movies, snakes & heights.

Three people who make me laugh: Mike Birbiglia, Kevin James & Tim Bedore

Three things I love: My wife, dogs & Hot sauce.

Three things I hate: Yogurt, crowded places & country music.

Three things I don’t understand: People who talk during movies, why Pluto is no longer a planet & quizzes like these.

Three things on my desk: radio, computer & NFPA 13

Three things I’m doing right now: Watching Supernatural, reading Secret Public Journal & drinking coffee.

Three things I want to do before I die: Visit NHL Hall of Fame, visit Alaska & travel lots w/Kimmy.

Three things I can do: I can use Auto cad, barbecue & play video games .

Three things you should listen to: God, Kimmy & parents.

Three things you should never listen to: Rap music, Televangelists & the sound of a buzzing alarm clock.

Three things I’d like to learn: To play the bagpipes, to ski & to play ice hockey .

Three favorite foods: Pizza, Hot wings & salad.

Three beverages I drink regularly: Coffee, water & Iced Tea.

Three TV shows/books I watched/read as a kid: The Mouse and the Motorcycle Series, Little House on the Prairie & He-Man.

Three bloggers to tag: Kim, Melissa & Mike.


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