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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's about to explode!

We finally found a free place to get on-line and, I thought I would take a few moments to tell you all how much the donkey side of my body hurts. For three days now I have sat in a conference room for eight hours a day learning all about sprinklers, formulas (math) and how much of my job I don't know. We were given a standards book, which is the NFPA 13, and a thick binder of the agenda for two weeks. By now, October 18 2006, we are almost 300 pages into the binder, and have been through the standards book numerous times. There is also about 2 hours of homework each night, which has kept me up until midnight once, 11:30 twice.

All in all things are good and I'm about ready to go and get my homework done before Lost, but I think I'll have to drag someone I know away, since this is the first time she's been on-line for a few days now. She's kind of like an alcoholic that way, you know with all the withdraws, but no hangover.

There is also nothing in the town we are staying at, but I would like all of you to know we risked are lives tonight. We decided to see what was beyond the Wal-Mart that is close to our hotel, and let's just say we found the projects, tried to turn around on one way streets, Kimmy saw a guy with, after she described it to me, a machine gun.
Needless to say I thank God he watched out for us and we were able to get out quickly.

Finally, I'll be glad to get back to a town with cows, little or know traffic lights, and mostly the streets roll in at 8:00.

"Is the dark side of the force stronger?" - Luke to Yoda

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


My work has taken me to some interesting places like power plants, hospitals, malls, but the most interesting so far had to be today. Myself and another designer went to a titanium mill. We didn't get to see much of the action, but what little we did see was interesting none the less. This survey, unlike some of the ones I've been on lately, only took about an hour, so we were back in the office by 10:30 which sucked.

What else can I say? Apparently not much, so I'm off to watch Bones and Lost.

Oh! I almost forgot. One of my co-workers gave me a gift. She was looking through a Bible of her's from when she was young, and found a clipping of a 1979 Star Wars cartoon from the papers. Cool isn't it?

"The Jedi are all but extinct." - Ben Kenobi