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Monday, February 27, 2006

Vitalogy, Lex Luthor & A Pocket Full Of Kryptonite

The title of this post pretty much sums up my shopping experience on Saturday with Kimmy and her mom. We shopped, ate, then shopped again before returning Kimmy's mom to the West Side. After leaving the West Side, Kimmy and I went shopping in more us-friendly stores. The first stop on this second wind was CD Warehouse. Upon entering the store I had no clue what I was in the mood to buy. After looking up and down the rows numerous times the CD's started to jump out at me. The first one was Pearl Jam: Vitalogy for the very low price of $1.99. Then all of a sudden a second CD came after me and this one was Spin Doctors: Pocket Full of Kryptonite for again the low price of $1.99. What made my day was that when we got home I found out that the Spin Doctor's CD insert was signed by the band.

After CD Warehouse we made the trip over to Barnes & Noble just to browse and enjoy being around books. So, I did my usual Sci-Fi search and then made my way to the comic books, oops excuse me the "graphic novels". You know, I've never liked calling them graphic novels, because they're not. They are just a series of comic books collected into one book. Anyway, back to my search. I've had a spark rekindled with the Superman series since watching Smallville, so my search started there. The last time I had a few dollars I purchased The Death Of Superman, but this time I wanted something different. That's when I noticed Lex Luthor Man Of Steel, neat title isn't it? Upon reading what it was about I was hooked and needless to say purchased it with the quickness.

Let me end by trying to intrigue you all by telling you that this comic book reveals why Lex chooses to be a thorn in Superman's side and how Lex intends to save humanity from an untrusted alien being.

"Sorry about the mess." - Han Solo paying the bar tender after SHOOTING FIRST

Thursday, February 16, 2006

December 23rd

Okay, so I haven't done this in awhile again. Shame on me! Kimmy has been bothering me to do this for days now, and all I have to say for myself is I'm Lazy. The mouse at work has not led a revolt yet, which is good news for me. The biggest thing to happen took place about this time last week. I received a phone call from Dave, for those of you who don't know I've been friends with Dave for roughly 24 years. He called to ask me a question which usually is "Are you doing something on (insert date here) 'cause I thought we could do something." Well, this call was no different except he asked "Are you busy on December 23rd?." My first thought was don't you mean February 23rd? then it hit me, this guy was asking me to be in his wedding. For those that know Dave, yes you heard right, Dave and marriage in the same sentence. He met Melissa, not Osborn mind you, over the summer and well the rest they say is history.

So, Congrats to Dave & Melissa!

"The Force is strong with this one." - Vader

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Yellow and Black Attack are Back!

In the craziness of the week I haven't had the chance to write what's been on my mind for the past few days. The birthday was really good and to tell you the truth 28 kinda feels the same as 27, 26, 25 you get the idea. Anyway, birthdays come with cards, gifts and birthday wishes, and I thank you all for those. There is one gift in particular that has stood out from the rest. I could be mean and have you all read the title over and over again to guess what gift that is. I could also hand out an outrageous amount of blog points, but I think someone would have me arrested.

Reborn, Stryper's new release is the favored gift this year. Yep, that's right Stryper has a new recording. It has been 15 years since they have been together to make an all new recording. They have gotten together to do a couple new songs on two of their best of albums. Reborn is as good as, and might be better than To Hell With The Devil, which is there best to this point. It has been a long time coming, but this album was worth the 15 year wait. I just want to add that they do a sweet rendition of Amazing Grace or as they call it 10,000.

Well, I'm going to wrap this up because someone seems to keep interrupting my concentration. Until next month......
Just kidding.

"Shut down all the garbage smashers on the detention level" - Luke Skywalker