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Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm Back

It has taken me about two months to put the shattered pieces of my brain back together again. Boy did that just come across like Humpty Dumpty or is it just me?

This past week was one of those weeks where everything that could go wrong at work did. There were things I forgot to order for jobs, things that I did wrong, people said I should have done this on this job, well you all get the idea. I hope this week goes a lot better.

The one cool thing that I want to mention is that I finally got my prize for getting a new job. Back in April, Kimmy told me that I would get a prize for getting a new job. Don't ask me why, but I wasn't going to argue. So, about a month ago I became the proud owner of a Nintendo DS and the New Super Mario Bros. game. It really takes me back to childhood being able to play a brand new Mario games setup in the old 80's style of the original.

I don't have much else to say right now and I'm going to go to bed. I promise I will not be gone for so long this time. Until I type at you again.

"Sorry about the mess." - Han Solo to the bar tender


At 9:40 AM EST, Blogger kimw said...

Welcome back, Kevin! I, too, have a Nintendo DS. My only game, however, is Brain Age. I'm addicted. My nephew currently has mine right now, so I haven't been able to train my brain for quite some time. Again, glad you're back!

At 6:32 PM EST, Blogger Kimmy said...

So Kim, might this brain training you're doing affect my side of our brain? I have been feeling smarter lately;-)

At 8:55 AM EST, Blogger kimw said...

Yes. I think your expanded intelligence is a direct result of, well - ME! You're welcome :)

At 8:55 AM EST, Blogger kimw said...

Now, my half my our brain sure would love some cookies...

At 11:04 AM EST, Blogger Kimmy said...

Absolutely, cookies for brain power is an equal trade! You shall surely get some cookies;-)


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