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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rust in Peace

"Due to the graphic nature of this program viewer discretion is advised."

According to the title you may be thinking what the heck is Rust in Peace? Well, it's my new acquisition into the discography of Megadeth. I know that most of the blog ring doesn't care for my musical taste, but that's okay. We are all entitled to a wonderful thing called opinion. That being said, I thought that some of you may like to know why on earth I, the laid back one, would ever like the music known as Metal.

I feel I can sum up my love for this music in a few words; intensity, complexity and lyrical content. Megadeth and Tourniquet, my two favorite groups, is who came to mind when I thought of these words.

Intensity: This refers to how each instrument is played
Complexity: Refers to the way each instrument is presented
Lyrical Content: Refers to how the lyrics always makes me think about the point that is being conveyed

That's just a few main examples of my love for Megadeth, Tourniquet and Metal in general. I bid you all good evening.

"What I've told you is true from a certain point of view?" - Ghost of Obi-Wan to Luke


At 7:35 AM EDT, Blogger Sam said...

Wonderful way to express it Kevin! But you already knew we shopped in the same music section! :-)

At 6:08 PM EDT, Blogger Kevin said...

Yep I do fellow metal head


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