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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


There is a heinous rumor starting that I haven't blogged in a while. Okay, so maybe the rumor is true, but I will show you what a typical blog would look like were I to have blogged recently.

6:45 alarm goes off (crap)
Get out of bed, put slippers on
Go downstairs and go into kitchen
Turn on light above stove.
Find something for breakfast
Sit on couch and eat said breakfast
After eating, lay down on couch and fall asleep again
Get up from pre start of day nap (crap slept to long)
Now rush to get ready to leave on time

After saying good bye to my wife, leave for work.
Drive to work
Work all day
Drive home
Get home, change clothes
Eat dinner
Watch some TV, maybe take a walk, Read
Then fall asleep to start it all over again.

So there is pretty much my day or days since I blogged last. Sorry to bore you all, but this should dissipate all rumors of my lack of blogging.

By the way, I have a new job that starts on April 10th


At 10:56 PM EST, Blogger Bethy said...

Nice little added info at the end, there!

At 10:14 AM EST, Blogger kimw said...

Man, your wife sure does have the power to persuade, does she not?

Congratulations on your job! I'm extremely happy for you, for I can live vicariously through you and feel what it must be like to tell your boss those wonderful words – "I quit!" Good for you, Kevin!

At 12:29 PM EST, Blogger Adrienne said...

And what may your new job be?

At 7:26 PM EST, Blogger Kevin said...

Yes Kim, she does have an awesome power of persuation.

At 8:44 PM EST, Blogger Mike said...

congratulations handsome!!!


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