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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Nigh 2... Being the second part of Nigh

Instead of leaving a long comment I thought I'd give some details on my second post in two days. My new job will for the most part be similar to what I do now, which I'm an AutoCAD drafter (CADman! to some) for an architectural firm. Although I will be doing the same type of thing my work world has expanded ten fold. I will now be working for a fire protection company. They will be training me to become a designer of fire alarm panels, and eventually a sprinkler designer.

So, that's a little bit about my new employment, and now I just have to get to April 10th to start working there. On another note, man, is the cd player in the Malibu annoying.

"Still need to watch OT for new quotes" - Me again


At 10:30 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which Fire protection company will you be working for?

At 10:31 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, that last que was from "THE" anonymous Sam. Sorry to have left off my name.

At 6:43 PM EST, Blogger Kevin said...

Well Sam, just call me paranoid but I'd prefer to tell ya that info in person. I've heard too many stories about people that have blogged about their work getting the ax.

At 7:38 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Understood. This may just be a good reason for us to get together. When both of us can find a time when we're not busy. Hey, I almost said that without laughing!!!

At 12:58 PM EST, Blogger Adrienne said...

I made a comment and it vanished. It was there yesterday. Anyway. I just sound that, from my perspective, that sounds like a cool job. I like architect stuff, but I'm not smart at it. And...I've always thought people who got the whole cad thing must be genius or something.

At 1:37 PM EST, Blogger Teri said...

Congrats Kevin!

At 9:44 PM EST, Blogger Frank said...

The best to you Kev. Looking forward to seeing you soon,


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