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Monday, February 27, 2006

Vitalogy, Lex Luthor & A Pocket Full Of Kryptonite

The title of this post pretty much sums up my shopping experience on Saturday with Kimmy and her mom. We shopped, ate, then shopped again before returning Kimmy's mom to the West Side. After leaving the West Side, Kimmy and I went shopping in more us-friendly stores. The first stop on this second wind was CD Warehouse. Upon entering the store I had no clue what I was in the mood to buy. After looking up and down the rows numerous times the CD's started to jump out at me. The first one was Pearl Jam: Vitalogy for the very low price of $1.99. Then all of a sudden a second CD came after me and this one was Spin Doctors: Pocket Full of Kryptonite for again the low price of $1.99. What made my day was that when we got home I found out that the Spin Doctor's CD insert was signed by the band.

After CD Warehouse we made the trip over to Barnes & Noble just to browse and enjoy being around books. So, I did my usual Sci-Fi search and then made my way to the comic books, oops excuse me the "graphic novels". You know, I've never liked calling them graphic novels, because they're not. They are just a series of comic books collected into one book. Anyway, back to my search. I've had a spark rekindled with the Superman series since watching Smallville, so my search started there. The last time I had a few dollars I purchased The Death Of Superman, but this time I wanted something different. That's when I noticed Lex Luthor Man Of Steel, neat title isn't it? Upon reading what it was about I was hooked and needless to say purchased it with the quickness.

Let me end by trying to intrigue you all by telling you that this comic book reveals why Lex chooses to be a thorn in Superman's side and how Lex intends to save humanity from an untrusted alien being.

"Sorry about the mess." - Han Solo paying the bar tender after SHOOTING FIRST


At 8:49 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pearl Jam Vitalogy, I must say I am truly impressed by that selection! Their first forray into experimental music was legendary. Bugs was an instant classic with the indie scene who turned their backs on Pearl Jam when they got popular. Then there are great songs like Spin the Black Circle, Corduroy, and Not For You that keep the hard rock junkies going. Ballads like Nothingman and Better Man give the ladies something to listen to while they contemplate their life decisions. All in all a really great album. It is also only one of two Pearl Jam albums I have on tape, cd, and vinyl.

And for the real Pearl Jam devotees, Vitalogy is also the last album with Dave Abruzzesse on Drums. The funk sound he brought to the band was rather unique.

At 10:20 AM EST, Blogger kimw said...

I love finding surprise gold nuggets in most unexpected places – the band's signatures on the insert? What a pleasant way to end what sounds like a very successful shopping trip.

At 7:21 PM EST, Blogger Kevin said...

Thanks Sam! I did not know that bit of info on Pearl Jam. This is one of only two Pearl Jam cd's I own, the other is Ten by the way. Sadly, I owned this cd many years ago, but in fit of "holiness must rid self of secular muisc fit" Vitalogy was one of the cd's to go. Now that I'm older I miss those cd's that I got rid of, and am now trying to replace each of them.

Long live good music, secular or christian

At 11:23 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think everyone goes through that stage in their life. I didn't do it all at once, I would have "Holy convictions" at various times and throw one or two cds away at a time. Then awakening from my haze I would go out and buy them again. I did this over and over. In fact, I had one cd [actually it was a tape] that I bought and threw away 3 times!!! Craziness.

Glad to see your music collection includes some good Pearl Jam. I would like to take a gander at your musical selections sometime. I bet it's an interesting and varied collection.

At 8:18 PM EST, Blogger Kevin said...

You hit the nail on the head. My cd collection is varied and you're more than welcome to take a gander at it anytime.


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