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Friday, December 30, 2005


I'm very sleepy, and need to go to bed.
Big day tomorrow of fun, games, hooch etc. plus I'm tired of looking at my Christmas post.
This is quite pathetic, so I promise to give a better post later.
Now to add to the patheticness......

"beep boop whistle" - R2D2

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Enjoy Christmas

I am 27 years old, almost 28, and I love Christmas. That's right you heard me, I love Christmas, and I mean all of it. Celebrating Christ's birth, family time, gifts, meals, time with friends and Christmas movies. For as many years as I can remember living I have known that Christmas is about Christ, and to this day that is something I hold with much reverence and priority. The one thing that I enjoy most about Christmas are the gifts, both giving and receiving. There I said it. The most horrible thing in the eyes of the Christian world. Why shouldn't I be able to admit that? Isn't that the whole purpose of Christmas? This very holiday is centered around the greatest gift EVER given to humanity. The creator of all things cared so much about all the wretches that live here to give CHRIST to all of us. I see no wrong in giving gifts that are given out of love. A gift does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars like people are made to believe these days. A gift can be cheap, expensive or homemade. Any of these prices will do as long as they are given out of love.

Even Christ was given gifts as a child. Magi anyone? I'll even speculate that Mary and Joseph gave gifts to Jesus many other times. They did so because they loved their son and wanted to do something nice for him. The heart of the matter is to give because you want to and care about the person.

Kimmy and I have a tradition we keep each year, one that we intend to continue with our children. While sitting under our Christmas tree on Christmas morning we read aloud the account of Christ's birth from the gospel of Luke and in this way take time to reflect on what it is we are celebrating. I think celebrate is the key word and the point of this post. Christmas is a joyful time. A time to celebrate and enjoy all the gifts of the season.

"I love you." - Princess Leia
"I know" - Han Solo

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

At least he doesn't whine about it.

Hi, I'm Kevin and I'm an AutoCAD drafter.
(You all may respond with the appropriate "Hi Kevin")

For as long as I've been with the company, and some time before, the employees have bought a bottle of wine for the boss as a Christmas gift. This year was going to be no different, and with another addition to the office, my boss would've been the proud owner of a twenty dollar bottle of wine. While talking to the bosses wife, our new secretary made an amazing discovery. Our boss dislikes wine. So, for who knows how long he has graciously accepted a bottle of wine while never having liked the stuff.

I just thought this was humorous, and would share for once.

Thank you.

"Look at the size of that thing." - Red 2

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Star Wars Episode VII


There is a bright new look to the galaxy.
One that has been created by the blog template Jedi.
She is the most skilled template Jedi in the Leetonia system.
The face of my blog has changed and now belongs in the Galaxy Far Far Away.

This is just my way of thanking my lovely wife for creating the new look for my blog. There's not much else I have to say, so I will just thank Kimmy again for making my blog look great.

"3PO! Shut down all the garbage smashers on the detention level!" - Luke Skywalker