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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Face Cake of Laverne

Tonight we enjoyed back to back episodes of Scrubs with a nice big bowl of popcorn. Now I'm just sitting here just trying to think of something to say without much success. Bing, The light bulb just came on, so here I go with what's on my mind.

I pulled out the latest Petra album Jekyll & Hyde again for my listening pleasure, and this is one of their best projects. The album combines their past sound with sounds of the future, even though the future of Petra will not be lasting long. My mom told me a few days ago that Petra is retiring and that one of their final shows will be in Youngstown.

I just want to say so long to Petra and thank you for all the years of that music called rock n' roll.

"Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerer's ways, Lord Vader." -Admiral Motti


At 10:54 PM EDT, Blogger Bloggers United said...

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At 9:54 AM EDT, Blogger kimw said...

I hate these stupid blog spammers. Nice how they use the word "controversial" in caps, as if this will somehow intrigue you enough to visit their site.

Anyway, I saw the same episode of Scrubs with the face cake – funny stuff. I love that show.

At 10:59 AM EDT, Blogger Bethy said...

If ya find when and where exactly Petra is going to be in Youngstown, could ya let me know? Thanks!!

At 9:44 PM EDT, Blogger Teri said...

Hey I remember Petra! They have been a good Christian group. I admit that I don't know anything about these quotes you always add to your blog. Could they be from, Hmmmmmmmmm let me see, Star Wars? Lord of the Rings? And I have no idea what "the face cake of Laverne" is. Sounds like liquid makeup to me. Love you Kevin

At 11:41 PM EDT, Blogger Mike said...



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