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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Amazing Happened

Well, maybe not the amazing but it was certainly rare. I, Kevin sadly fell asleep during a movie last night. (insert gasps here) I think we were only a half hour into it when it hit me like a shower of liquid heaven. Then all of a sudden I hear a heavenly voice calling my name "Kevin wake up." My immediate response was "I'm awake I'm doing just fine." Then I watched about two more minutes of the movie, and Wham! I'm asleep again. Next thing I know the heavenly voice starts again "Are you awake." and "Lets just go to bed." I quickly replied "No I'm awake. I can watch the movie." in hopes of actually accomplishing it.

Needless to say I finally conceded to my wife's heavenly voice, and went to bed. We'll most likely start over and finish the movie today. Well, time to quit writing and maybe play Zelda or watch Transformers before church.

"Into the garbage shut flyboy." - Princess Leia


At 9:34 AM EDT, Blogger Kimmy said...

It was a Jimmy movie too!!!!

Yes, tis true. I do have a heavenly voice:-)

At 10:30 AM EDT, Blogger Bethy said...

Oh Shoog, I got such a good, needed laugh this morning reading your post. "Shower of liquid heaven", that was good!!

At 6:26 PM EDT, Blogger Mike said...



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