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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm Kind of Nervous

I'm so nervous about my lack of posts. Why haven't I posted in a few days. I'm such a bad man, it would be better to be Batman, but I think I'll just settle for CADman!

Seriously though I'm kind of nervous about what could be changing in my life very shortly. I just pray that this is a God thing, and his will be done not mine. It is funny how one phone call can change the direction one's life is going. I have a good feeling about making this call, but I will most certainly make sure I keep my own feelings in check. If all works out it will be one of the best moves for my family. (Kimmy and hopefully children) I just ask that whoever reads this to be praying that I'll make the proper decision.

Well, tomorrow is another day. I go to sleep as Kevin, wake up as Kevin, but when I'm at work I'm CADman!!!!

Later All

"Search your feelings you know it to be true." - Vader


At 11:21 PM EDT, Blogger Eliza said...

Da na na na na na na na CADmannnnnn!

Definitely will be praying for you, even more if it's what I think it's all about. Let us know as soon as you know anything, 'kay?


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